AKO Autumn project


Barber - Adagio for strings

Martucci - Notturno op. 17 no. 1

Grieg – from Peer Gynt

  1. Solveig’s song
  2. In the Hall of the Mountain King

The pupils in the Royal Conservatoire's School for Young Talent follow the regular school curriculum in combination with professional music education. It is a programme that calls for passion, focus and discipline on the part of the children. The string players (violinists, cellists and bass players) in the School for Young Talent together form the Atheneum Chamber Orchestra, which was founded in 1985. The orchestra rehearses every Saturday morning, with extra study days and intensive weekend rehearsals in preparation for concerts.



Fri 13 October 2023 12.15


Theater on the stairs of Amare, The Hague

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Admission is free, no reservation required