ARC Session: Models of Music Creation and Improvisation

The barriers between composition and performance in classical music arose in the 19th-century ‘culture of genius’ and gradually became part of a standardised production and education model in the 20th century. As a result, the practise of improvisation, which for many composers was a natural link between performing and composing until the end of the 19th century, disappeared into the background. Over the last few decades, there is a renewed attention for improvisatory approaches in classical and historical performance practice. In contemporary composed music, composers become more involved as performers and more intense collaborations between makers, performers and improvisers appear. There is also an increasing creative exchange between improvisers from different backgrounds, such as jazz, early music and traditional music. Creative skills, musical ownership and flexibility have become vitally important to stand out and develop an artistic personality in the ever diversifying world of music. What does this mean for Conservatoire education?

On 14 January, the research group 'Making in Music' will present a concert-lecture on current ideas and models of music improvisation from the researchers of the ‘Lectoraat Music, Education and Society’ of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. This ARC Session will take place at Korzo Theater in The Hague, with short talks and performances by Ilya Ziblat Shay, Robert de Bree & James Hewitt, Bert Mooiman & Karst de Jong, Richard Barrett & the Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble and Anne LaBerge, David Azaglo, Alexander Göransson, Rasmus Osbeck and Daphne McCowan.

ARC (art_research_convergence) is an outreach initiative of Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, and the University of the Arts The Hague, for the active communication of artistic research. ARC hosts exhibitions, installations, lectures and performances every second Tuesday of the month at Korzo Theater in The Hague. The idea is to enable a space of communication and action where artist-researchers can show work in progress (or finished work in need of feedback) and discuss it with the audience. ARC plays a connective role in the network of artistic and investigative practices. It strengthens the knowledge infrastructure in the dynamic field of practice-based research as well as brings it into the public eye. In doing so, it contributes to the knowledge economy in the region. This project acts as a forum or laboratory, in which artist-researchers work together with other cultural players on new works, designs and performance practices.



Tue 14 January 2020 19.30 - 22:00


Club Korzo, Korzo Theater, Prinsestraat 42, 2513 CE Den Haag

Entrance fee

Free, but registration is necessary. You can register by sending an e-mail to Roos Leeflang (