Audition Bachelor of Dance and Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble

Royal Conservatoire Dance – Auditions for academic year 2022/23
The Royal Conservatoire Dance programme - classical ballet, modern and contemporary dance, improvisation - trains dancers of the future as independent artists who combine an open, creative mind with professional skills, passion and ambition. We are proud of the collaboration between the Royal Conservatoire Dance and Nederlands Dans Theater that inspires students and provides an extra drive for artistic growth.

Deadline application for the Bachelor of Dance (2 years) and for the Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble (Artist Certificate / 1 year): 28 February 2022
Live Auditions for both programmes take place on 9 April 2022 in The Hague.

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More information: visit our Open Day on 5 February or find more information on our website



Sat 9 April 2022 00.00


Dance studios Royal Conservatoire, Amare

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