Colloquium in the Orgelpark: Max Reger

Colloquium about the composer Max Reger and the organ type of the organ builder Wilhelm Sauer, with Prof. Dr. Hans Fidom, Jos van der Kooy and his students from the organ class of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague.

On 19 March 2023 it will be 150 years since the German composer Max Reger was born. He would die on 11 May 1916, only 43 years old. Reger left behind a large oeuvre: orchestral music, chamber music, choral music and organ works. He composed neither an opera nor a symphony. His large orchestral works have a symphonic appeal.

This afternoon, the focus is on his organ works. Players and listeners will explore the relationship between Reger's music and the Orgelpark organ, built by the German organ builder Wilhelm Sauer. Reger was a great admirer of the tonal world of his contemporary Sauer. The organ students play nine characteristic organ works by Reger. In a handout they explain the connections that are important to them personally. Before and after the intermission there will be a discussion between the audience and the players, led by Hans Fidom.


14.15 Hans Fidom: Welcome and explanation / Brief conversation with Jos van der Kooy
14.30 Phantasie und Fuge über B-A-C-H opus 46 (1900) Leonard Seeleman
14.55 Introduktion, Passacaglia und Fuge in e-moll opus 127 (1913) Albèrt Driessen
15.30 Phantasie und Fuge in d-moll (korte versie) opus 135b (1915) Andries Bogerd
16.00 Intermission and discussion
16.30 Phantasie über den Choral "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott "opus 27 (1898) David Strijbis
16.50 Phantasie über den Choral "Wie schön leucht’t uns der Morgenstern" opus 40:1 (1899) Geurt van Lagen
17.10 Phantasie über den Choral "Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme" opus 52:2 (1900) Luuk Schuurman
17.30 Phantasie über den Choral "Halleluja, Gott zu loben" opus 52:3 (1900) Joël Boone
17.45 Round table discussion
18.00 Introduktion und Passacaglia in d-moll ohne Opuszahl (1899) Michaël Verniers
18.15 End



Sat 11 March 2023 14.15


Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam