Dance and Music Festival

The School for Young Talent has taken the initiative to unite all the schools of preparatory music education in the Netherlands in the DAMU Foundation (DAnce and MUsic). On behalf of the schools, the foundation makes agreements with the Ministry of Education on the balance between the regular curriculum and training in music or dance.

Children participating in the DAMU courses are taught from a young age by professional teachers who have been at the top of their profession for a long time. The atmosphere, drive and craftsmanship are exceptional and based on years of tradition and experience. Students who train also take part in professional productions, for example with the National Ballet or the Nederlands Dans Theater, and therefore come into contact with professional practice from a young age.

The DAMU programmes fall under the auspices of the universities of the arts, and the participating conservatories and ballet programmes are affiliated to professional dance companies and music ensembles. The programmes collaborate with local secondary schools. With the School for Young Talent, the Royal Conservatoire occupies a unique position by providing regular schooling with artistic training in the same school.

The DAMU Festival in 2019 will be the first joint public event by the affiliated programmes.



Fri 14 June 2019 19.30


Kees van Baarenzaal, Royal Conservatoire

Entrance fee

Admission is free