Drama Devised Presentations

Coached by Elsina Jansen and Carolien Drewes

Under the guidance of opera director Elsina Jansen and coach pianist Carolien Drewes, every fourth-year student in the vocal studies department will give an individual performance of approximately 15 minutes. Having chosen a concept, the students will select repertoire, write a text and create a design for the performance. In other words, they are also responsible for the décor, the costumes, the lighting and the sound. This is a creation process that is new to most students and this project will enable them to learn at first hand what it is like to work in a theatre. The results are often surprising and personal and the entire process is good preparation for later professional practice.



Tue 4 December 2018 17.00


Kees van Baarenzaal, Royal Conservatoire

Entrance fee

Admission is free