Engelen in het Kunstmuseum – Sonologie - cancelled

Due to the current corona measures, this event can not take place.

William Engelen is a Dutch visual artist and composer who currently lives in Berlin. His work breaks down the boundaries between visual art and music. He employs a wide variety of instruments in his compositions, which include installations, performance art, videos, scores and models, as well as pieces for soloists and large ensembles. For each composition, Engelen designs and develops a new system of notation, often drawing inspiration for the works of art and the music from a specific context, location or the everyday activities of musicians.

Engelen has written seven new compositions specially for the Kunstmuseum Den Haag. Like many of his projects, the compositions are site-specific, which means that they cannot be performed anywhere but in the Kunstmuseum. On Sunday 23 January, the composition Elapsing (Vestrijken) will be performed by students of the Royal Conservatoire’s Master of Sonology programme in the museum.

Four students from the Royal Conservatoire’s Master of Sonology programme kept a diary for a week, in which they recorded their activities under four headings: sleeping, eating, working and free time. Engelen then created a seven-hour work, translating the diaries into an hour of music for each day of the week.

Elapsing is a sonic representation of the everyday rhythm of a musician’s life, thus producing a personal portrait. The work will be performed by Marlene Fally, Ran Perry, Andreis Poikāns and Hilde Wollenstein.

The concert lasts seven hours from 10.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. Members of the public can enter on presentation of a valid ticket for admission to the museum and are free to come and go as they please. There is no need to buy a special ticket or to reserve a seat.



Sun 23 January 2022 10.00 - 17:00


Kunstmuseum Den Haag