Bassoon Day with Stephan Leitzinger

On 20 May Stephan Leitzinger will visit the Royal Conservatoire The Hague from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Entrance is free for all bassoon players. Bocals and bassoons model 1 and 2 are to be tried and played, so be sure to bring your own reeds and instruments to get a good idea how these bocals and bassoons stand out.

At 1 p.m. there will be a short duo performance by Jos Lammerse and Freek Sluijs playing the bassoon duo Aulos by Henk de Vlieger.

At 5.30 p.m. the The Hague bassoon class presents themselves in our 'bassoon saloon'!



Sat 20 May 2023 10.00

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Studio 1 Royal Conservatoire, The Hague

Entrance fee

Free entry, no reservation required