Cancelled: Wind Orchestra of the Royal Conservatoire and Codarts

Event cancelled due to coronavirus

In order to curb a further outbreak of the coronavirus, the authorities immediately announced a ban on events involving more than 100 people. Until further notice, all public events at the Royal Conservatoire cannot be held.

Purchased concert tickets will be reimbursed. Current information can be found on this page.

Alex Schillings, conductor (teacher KC)
Carlo Balemans, conductor (teacher Codarts)

Schwantner – … And the mountains rising nowhere
Sound Trip Tribe – Sound symphony
Schwantner – From a dark millenium
Husa – Apotheosis of this earth
Thomas van Dun – Gravity
Alberto Sánchez - El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan

The wind instruments of the Royal Conservatoire and Codarts join forces and together form an orchestra. Alex Schillings and Carlo Balemans lead the 80 musicians-strong orchestra in works that are regarded as top of the repertoire. Moreover, a composition student wrote a new piece for the orchestra to perform, because renewal of the repertoire and working together wíth the composer is a high priority for both conductors and the Classical Department of the Royal Conservatoire.

In addition, there are three producers who will be perfoming live together with the orchestra. They recently won the "Sound Trip World Awards" which - this year - is all about bridging the gap between electronic and classical music, a collaboration between producers and orchestras. The orchestra will be playing “… And the Mountains Rising Nowhere” and “From a Dark Millennium”. The assignment for the three 'Sound Trip World Awards' winners was to connect these two pieces with their own electronic composition. They made a piece that’s 7 minutes long, which will connect the classical pieces.

The three producers will all be on stage together, in front of the orchestra. The audience, who will be wearing headphones, can freely zap between the three producers. The orchestra can always be heard.

Please let us know if you will attend the concert by registering through the form below. This helps us estimate the number of headphones that need to be reserved.



Fri 20 March 2020 20.00


Arnold Schönbergzaal, KC

Entrance fee

Free admission