The Jupiter project

In addition to Mozart’s Symphony no. 41 in C 'Jupiter', tonight’s programme includes the overture to the opera L’ amant Anonyme by his lesser-known contemporary Joseph Bologne. Bologne, who was also known by his title of Chevalier de Saint-Georges (approx. 1739/1745-1799), was born, the son of an enslaved woman, on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Bologne’s father, a wealthy plantation owner, brought mother and son to Paris, introduced the young Bologne into French society and arranged the best possible education for him. Bologne became a Parisian celebrity, an acclaimed fencer and an accomplished composer, violin virtuoso and conductor.

So how is that he is practically unknown today? Might it have to do with his origins? Ahead of the concert, the Early Music department will attempt to answer this question by conducting research and organising lectures and discussions on the subject of diversity and inclusivity in the performance practice of then and now. Tonight’s performance will hopefully convince you that this composer’s work certainly deserves wider recognition.



Fri 16 February 2024 17.00


Lutherse Kerk, The Hague

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