KC Awards 2023

Prize winners from various departments of the Royal Conservatoire will perform a varied programme during a special evening in the Conservatoriumzaal. The Instrument Foundation Royal Conservatoire helps students and the school with the loan or purchase of instruments. In addition, for many years the foundation has been awarding annual prizes for the best graduating students. On 26 September, we will proudly present the prize-winners from the last academic year. All of them young musicians who took the world by storm with exceptional performances in their graduation exams. Thanks to their benefactors, the Fund for Excellence and the Konrad Boehmer Foundation also award prizes and scholarships to talented students. The event will also introduce the audience to musicians who distinguished themselves with their research in the Master’s programme.

Award winners 2023

  • Fock Medal 2023 for the best presentation: Giulia Bättig (Jazz Vocals)
  • Jaring Walta Prize 2023 for the best presentation of a contemporary composition: Kaya Gür (Classical Violin)
  • Cuypers Fund Prize 2023 for the best piano presentation: Aruth Masrangsan (Classical Piano)
  • Nicolaï Prize 2023 for the most special final presentation: Pat Stewart (Art of Sound)
  • Pedro Latas

De Zaaier Research Grant 2022, best Master Research presentation

  • Emma Hedrick
  • Vanessa Guinadi
  • Petra Cini
  • Livia Malossi Bottignole
  • Sanne Bakker
  • Josie Mc Clure
  • Floris van Daalen
  • Christian Beutel
  • Chiara Paganini
  • Brian Lyons
  • David Petráš (Sonology)
  • Anna Khvyl (Sonology)
  • Francesco Corvi (Sonology)
  • Farzaneh Nouri (Sonology)

Fonds 1999 Development Scholarship 2023

  • Eugene Dobrovolskyi

Fonds 1999 Top Scholarship 2022

  • Vanessa Guinadi

Keep an Eye Talent Award Klassiek 2022 + 2023

  • Jernej Mišič (2022)
  • Idil Yunkus (2023)



Tue 26 September 2023 19.30


Conservatoriumzaal Amare, The Hague