Kluster5 with Young KC

Marc Mellits
Machines part IV

Martin Fondse
Welcome to Automnia

Isa Goldschmeding
Phthalo Green

Martin van Hees
Own works

Tom Johnson
Narayana’s Cows

Kluster5, an ensemble of alumni of the Royal Conservatoire based in The Hague, will be spending several weeks teaching pupils of Young KC what it is like to perform contemporary music in unusual instrumental combinations. During the course the pupils will make arrangements of existing music, improvise, play an existing work with a free instrumentation and create their own music.

In January, the musicians of Kluster5 will provide every pupil with individual feedback on their compositions, advice that will culminate in a result that the students can be proud of. The pupils will also experiment with sound effects during the rehearsals for this evening’s concert, when Kluster5 will also be performing a number of works.

Welcome to Automnia will be arranged by Kluster5 for the Young KC ensemble. Narayana’s Cows is a work with open instrumentation, where the pupils face the challenge of finding the correct timbre. Other challenges are the need to maintain the rhythm of the work without a conductor and the alternation between the music and text.



Wed 13 February 2019 19:30


Korzo Theater, Prinsestraat 42, The Hague

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