Dancers from Royal Conservatoire Dance (Bachelor and Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble) will take part in Meet the Next, with a theatre- and studio presentation on Friday 24 June from 19:00.

Meet the Next

Korzo has joined forces with several dance academies in the Netherlands for a new, varied program that introduces you to the future generation of dance artists.

Each course, among which is Royal Conservatoire Dance, adds its own color to the dance landscape. They train students who aspire to a future as dancer or maker and who work hard every day to achieve that.

In Meet the Next dance and choreography students from various years of the study programs take their first steps on the professional stage. Come see and enjoy a diversity of dancers, styles and makers. Towards a future in dance! Every day has its own programme.



Fri 24 June 2022 19.00 - 22:45


Korzo Theater, Den Haag