NKODA Online Webinar

Many of you have already seen, that we offer our KonCon teachers and students a free membership to the online database NKODA. Are you not sure whether NKODA is something for you, or do you have questions on how to use this app on your device? Then, join us for an online webinar next week and ask all your questions directly to an NKODA expert. You will get an in-depth demonstration of nkoda's features and functionality and learn how these features can be best utilised and integrated into practice, performance and study.

For more information on NKODA and to download the app, please visit our Library intranetpage (use your @koncon.nl account to log in).



Thu 6 May 2021 16.00 - 16:30


A zoomlink was sent by email to all KonCon Teachers and Staff. If you cannot find the link, please send an email to communicatie@koncon.nl