Radio West Concert with Final Exams Students of Lucia Swarts

Eight final exams students of Main Subject Teacher Classical Music Lucia Swarts will perform in the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague. The concert will be broadcast by Radio West on May 2nd 2021 at eight o'clock in the morning and again at eight o'clock in the evening. In the Radio West Concerts, our students of the Royal Conservatoire showcase their diverse talent: from strings to percussion and from chamber music to jazz; the range of styles and disciplines are infinite.

On Sunday, our students will play music by J.S. Bach, Crumb, Gubaidulina, Boccherini, Vidal, Elgar, Golterman and Popper.

Candela Mier-Teran, cello
Martín Alvarez Diaz, cello
Diederik Smulders, cello
Katharina Jacob, cello
Julia van Leeuwen, cello
Sven Risberg, cello
Lucie Žurmanová, cello
Clara San José, cello

Broadcast on Radio West: Sunday, May 2nd at 8am and again at 8pm

Photography: Alex Schröder

Listen back to the concert via the music player below



Sun 2 May 2021 08.00 - 09:00


Radioprogramma Klassiek op West

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