Rose Petal Jam, The Amsterdam Partch Project

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October 23rd 2017

By the Scordatura Ensemble

The Coming year a selection of Composition students will participate in a  project with the Scordatura Ensemble. They will participate in conversations, workshops, experiments and they will compose new work for the ensemble. This concert is the kick-off of this project.

The Amsterdam Partch Project begins in 2001 with the concert tour The Truth of Tune. Having enjoyed the work on Partch all these years, Scordatura Ensemble is now ready to present ROSE PETAL JAM, a concert series featuring Harry Partch’s earliest chamber music together with new compositions influenced by Partch.



Kees van Baarenzaal, Royal Conservatoire


Monday, October 23rd 20:00

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Pretalk before the concert starts at 19.00 hrs

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