Marike van Dijk with large ensemble

Dutch saxophonist and composer Marike van Dijk has been calling Brisbane home since her move in September 2019. Being based in New York for several years led to collaborations with artists from different disciplines and genres, one of which is her large chamber jazz ensemble 'The Stereography Project' (BJUR 2015). This 12-piece band was featured on her last album alongside two guests, singer-songwriters Jeff Taylor (USA) and Katell Keineg (UK).

Commissioned by the North Sea Jazz festival, Marike wrote Stranded, music for nonet with two drummers, which was premiered at the North Sea Jazz festival 2022 and recorded for release at the Bimhuis (Amsterdam). Her cinematic style of composing mixes influences from jazz, classical and indie rock music.

On Friday, September 23, together with the students from the Jazz and Classical Music departments, Marike van Dijk will present the music from her latest record 'The Stereography Project'.

Conductor - Marike van Dijk

Vocals - Björg Blöndal
Vocals - Stella Koutselou
Violin 1 - Sybren Holwerda
Violin 2 - Jieun Park
Viola - Aina Mateu Cortes
Cello - Elsa Le Moigne

Alto sax/soprano sax - Pablo Frias Canton
Alto sax/bass clarinet - Davide Sgarra
Tenor sax/flute - Pablo Cruz Placer
Tenor sax/clarinet - Jaume Pineda Soler
Trombone - Dario Filippi

Piano - Tibor Szilveszter
Bass - Gonçalo Nuno Cascais Feijao
Drums - Leo Giger

This project is supported by students from the Art of Sound department.



Fri 23 September 2022 20.00


Royal Conservatoire's Studio 1, Amare

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Admission is free, no reservation required