Seminar 'Musical Learning and Performance'

On Friday 31 January, the lectorate ‘Music, Education and Society’ presents the outcomes of two research projects of the past year and looks forward to upcoming research projects on musical learning and performance. The event will be held in Studio 3 between 15:30 – 18:00, with drinks afterwards.

Dr. Susan Williams, together with Bastiaan van der Waals and various master students, present the Imagine Project; an ongoing research on the benefits of musical imagery for training musicians. She has also invited Dr. Raôul R.D. Oudejans, who is (Associate) Professor Learning and Performing in Sports, Department of Human Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Department of Sports and Nutrition, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. Raôul is an expert in the area of learning and performing perceptual-movement skills in high-achievement settings such as sport, music, and dance. He will briefly present the project Training for Excellence (T4X) focused on the quality of training in these domains in which performers have to execute complex movement skills, often under high pressure (e.g. for an audition). Results of a study with the Academy of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Residentie Orchestra will be presented.

Theory in Practice is a research project of Suzanne Konings and colleagues from the theory department. It proposes a model to better understand the place and role of music theory in the conservatoire curriculum, which can also be used as a framework for teachers to develop and evaluate lessons or subjects and for students to keep track of their own development.

Music education, especially instrumental education, is often building on traditions and the experience of many generations of musicians. At the same time, new insights into the biological, cognitive and cultural fundaments of musical perception, motoric and imagination demand for innovation of musical training, preparation and performance. The research group ‘Musical Learning and Performance’ is building a bridge between music education and didactics on the one side and insights from other knowledge fields that may lead to a better understanding of processes of musical learning, imagination and performance.

With Suzanne Konings, Bastiaan van der Waals, Jasper Grijpink, Patricia Wisse, Santo Militello, Susan Williams, Kassandra Siebel, Magdalena Morales Hidalgo, Annoes van der Zande, Karolina Walarowska & guest speaker Roaul Oudejans.



Fri 31 January 2020 15.30 - 18:00


Studio 3, Royal Conservatoire

Entrance fee