Students Present Festival

The Students Present Festival is a one-day festival of music for staff and students of the Royal Conservatoire and the public. The goal of the festival is to give students of the Classical Music department an opportunity to organise their own projects in collaboration with their peers in other departments.

The students selected for the festival receive coaching and technical and logistical support and are assigned space for rehearsals.

Coming from different musical backgrounds Eva and Sigrid meet in the world of free improvisation. With drawings as their compositions, they draw inspiration from various musical genres like jazz, classical, contemporary, and funk.

'To make the gap between the performer and the audience a bit smaller we want to invite the listener into our improvisation world through our drawings. You will hear improvisation and music inspired by Cathy Barbarian, and in the end, you will also have an opportunity to join us in an improvisation.'

Legend and storytelling
Legend and storytelling, a performance by a duo of Philippe Eugusyene, a singer from the NAIP department, and Aruth Masrangsan, a pianist from the Classical department. Join us in the stories from the music of Schubert, Ravel, and Strauss, to even a song about mystical creatures in the deep forest of the Amazon.

Berio Folk songs
When Luciano Berio wrote the arrangements for the 11 folk songs, he wanted to invite the listener into the atmosphere and world of each traditional song. Every piece has its own soundscape and style, and we hope to take you on a journey all over the world, by inviting you CLOSER to the music.



Sat 4 November 2023 16.00


Studio 1, Amare, The Hague

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Admission is free, no reservation required