Wave Field Synthesis Festival

The annual WFS Festival celebrates the art of composing for the Wave Field Synthesis system, a sound-production technique designed specifically for spatial audio rendering. This two-day programme is organized in collaboration with The Game of Life Foundation (192 loudspeakers gameoflife.nl) at New Music Lab, Amare. It includes 18 newly composed acousmatic/live electronic music pieces by Sonology students and alumni.

The festival will have works by Ana Amaral da Silva, Jemin Choi, Jacob Eckhardt, Gaia Heichal, Kerim Kali, Liza Kuzyakova, Lawrence Mc Guire, Roc Montoriol Torrent, Lenny Sprenger, Giorgio Zangarini, Casimir Geelhoed, Nicolas Kliwadenko, Anton Kondratov, Leila Masharipova, Julien Palluel, Virág Anna Virág, Shawn Wong, Otis Thomet, Nina Uzelac, Agita Reke, Orfeas Manolidis, Lennart Sailer, Amit Dagim, Ida Hirsenfelder, Farzaneh Nouri and Leslee Smucker.


Concert 1

Concert 2

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Fri 2 June 2023 00.00 - Sat 3 June 2023 00.00


New Music Lab and Wave Field Synthesis Studio (6.74) Royal Conservatoire, Amare

Entrance fee

Free entry, no registration required