Werkplaats Week

The Werkplaats is Young KC’s chamber music programme. For this fixed component of the curriculum and the timetable, each semester the students are divided into ensembles and follow weekly lessons in chamber music repertoire under the guidance of a coach. The classes give them an opportunity to explore the world of chamber music and learn the practical aspects of performing as a musician in an ensemble. How to communicate with colleagues. How to plan rehearsals. How to listen to each other. The Werkplaats provides the students with answers to these and other questions. Every semester concludes with the Werkplaats Week.

The closing concerts on Friday are open to an audience.



Fri 3 February 2023 15.00 - 17:00


Studio 1 and Studio 4 Royal Conservatoire, Amare

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Programme: Young KC chamber music ensembles and jazz combos

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Admission is free, no reservation required