Woody Shaw Project

Ensemble project o.l.v. Jarmo Hoogendijk

Elias Lapia
Jose Cervera Minguez
Federica Lorusso
Enrico LeNoci
Alessio Calore
Michele Pazzini

Jazz trumpet innovator and composer Woody Shaw will be remembered and honoured with a concert by the Woody Shaw Tribute Project, consisting of 6 energetic jazz students of the Royal Conservatory who are very dedicated to Woody's musical legacy. These great young musicians were not born yet at the time when Woody gave his last public performances in Holland shortly before passing away 30 years ago, whereas several of our KC teachers have been part of Woody's last bands and performances. With great joy I invite you to come celebrate the legacy of Woody Shaw together with this great tribute band. (Jarmo Hoogendijk



Tue 16 April 2019 19.30


Kees van Baarenzaal, KC