The library contains an extensive collection of reference works, books, sheet music, magazines and audio-visual materials. Students, teachers, alumni and staff members have access to the library and can borrow items from the library. Outsiders may access the library as well but cannot borrow items. In the library it is also possible to consult several databases.

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Frequently asked questions

The library is in the M section on the second floor of the Royal Conservatoire.

The library is open on Monday to Friday from 10:00-18:00.

Every student, teacher, alumni and staff members of the Royal Conservatoire can borrow materials on production of their pass. Items that have been borrowed may not be lent to anyone else who does not study or work at the Royal Conservatoire.

You can borrow five items of music (sheet music) and four books at any one time.

Items can be borrowed for a period of six weeks. That period can be extended as long as the items have not been reserved by anyone else.

The fine for returning items late rises from € 1 for each item that is one week overdue to € 5 for each book that is nine weeks overdue. If the amount you owe exceeds € 10 you will not be allowed to borrow any more items until the fine has been paid.

If you still fail to return the items after receiving a fourth reminder, you will not be allowed to use the library’s services until the fine has been paid and the items have been returned.

Yes. Headphones can be borrowed at the reception desk so that you can listen to music or watch videos without disturbing anyone else as well.


Can't find what you are looking for, visit the library, send an email or call: +31 70 - 31 51 572.