Alumnus Reza Navamar rates all 498 concerts by Vivaldi

21 April 2021

When composer and alumnus Reza Navamar didn't have anything to do, because of the corona, he decided to spend his time well. He listened to all concerts written by Antonin Vivaldi, to rate them and give them a mark.

Since March last year, he listened to several concerts a day. The result is a document of almost 300 pages.

Reza Navamar studied composition at the Royal Conservatory with, among others, Martijn Padding and Gilius van Bergeijk.

In this article in the Volkskrant Navamar tells more about his project.

He was also a guest on the television programme Podium Witteman. In the programme, they performed the 'biggest treasure' that the composer found: RV 273.

In the same programme Luyi van der Linge, a student at the School for Young Talent, sang the song Moody's Mood for Love accompanied by pianist Mike Boddé, double bass player Tobias Nijboer and percussionist Daniel van Dalen.

You can rewatch the programme here.