ECMAster in The Strad - A European chamber music coaching initiative

13 September 2019

The ECMAster (European Chamber Music Master) is a two year joint programme on the master level for pre-existing chamber music ensembles. It is operated by seven leading higher music education institutions in Europe in close collaboration with ECMA (European Chamber Music Academy), an association of European music universities, conservatoires and festivals.

By tailor-made curricula the ECMAster enables the students to develop their specific artistic, technical, reflective and social skills and to act as strong, independent and innovative ensemble musicians who can meet the high professional demands in tomorrow’s music scene. The admitted chamber music groups will take advantage of the expertise, culture and tradition of three separate music institutions.

During the two years of advanced study, two obligatory exchange semesters at two different host institutions will be supported by Erasmus+ mobility funds. In addition the ensembles will also participate in at least six ECMA sessions and get access to an European network in the profession of chamber music.

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If you have any further questions regarding the ECMAster programme or would you like to sign up for the ECMAster, please contact the Classical Music Department and find more information here.