An unforgettable ‘Tokyo Experience’

7 March 2018

Full of enthusiasm, the Dance Department of the Royal Conservatoire has returned from the Orchard Ballet Forum 2018 in Tokyo. A select number of renowned dance schools was invited.

Ten students danced Evening Songs /Jiří Kylián and  Lieder ohne Worte/Hans van Manen. With this repertoire, the Dance Department met the wish of the artistic leader of the Forum  to present works of the ‘Dutch School’ – very highly regarded in Japan and the main focus of our dance education. The matinee shows on the 10th and 11th February were nearly sold out in a hall of 2150 seats.

The students received daily training by Yi Song, Kosuke Yamamoto and the legendary Liudmila  Kovaleva in the studio and on stage. This way, they experienced different teaching styles and versions of the classical dance vocabulary. They worked in blended classes, marked by collegial competition and connection.

The Forum was a great opportunity to network with international colleagues and discuss current themes concerning dance education in relation tot he present dance landscape. We promoted exchanges and cooperations.

After the first matinee, auditions for about 30 Japanese students (selected out of 200) with the ambition to study abroad, were held on stage. The audition was shaped as a performance in itself: the board of the six schools were present and it was attended by a paying audience.
The participation of the Dance Department at the Orchard Ballet Gala 2018 was a great preparation for professional practice. In a relatively short time we presented repertoire of the Dutch School in an unknown, huge venue and circumstances. The students were challenged to show their talents in an international, professional context.

Of course, the Orchard Ballet Forum was also a good opportunity for promoting our department.
Participants from the Royal Conservatoire Dance Department were: Laura Dissel, Yuka Eda, Lara Tramonte, Anne van Gorp, Elias Boersma, Fabiënne Deesker, Matteo Morandini, Ryunosuke Ujihara, Stef Leenen en Daniël Hoek.

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