Grant for professionalisation meaningful music in healthcare

Taskforce for Applied Research (SIA) has granted a subsidy of € 699.929 to the project Professional Excellence in Meaningful Music in Healthcare (ProMiMiC). The project aims to further professionalise a live music practice in hospital in which a small group of musicians makes person-centred music for patients and nurses.

Since 2015, the research group Lifelong Learning in Music of Hanze University Groningen together with the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) has developed and researched the MiMiC practice for patients and nurses on surgical wards. In patients’ rooms, musicians make music ‘tailor-made’ in interaction with patients. They do this based on contact with patients and nurses. In a medical setting person-centred music-making is feasible and is very meaningful for all those involved. Patients experience less pain and feel better. Nurses feel a deeper connection to their patients.

In addition, this innovative practice offers musicians and nurses new opportunities to develop themselves professionally. And the new project ProMiMiC responds to this: the need for musicians and nurses to work together intensively and to learn from each other in this setting, and also to utilise person-centred live music-making as a catalyst for a compassionate patient relationship. With this further professionalisation of musicians and nurses, the MiMiC practice will acquire broader implementation in hospital care. Thus, a contribution can be made to developments such as outcome-oriented care, positive health, and the broader societal engagement of musicians.
In this project Prince Claus Conservatoire, Hanze University Groningen and UMCG collaborate with other research institutes in the field of music and healthcare. Together these institutes have the expertise to conduct applied research into the professionalisation of this meaningful music practice in a rich context. The research institutes involved are: Royal Conservatoire The Hague (University of the Arts The Hague), University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and Royal College of Music, Centre of Performance Science, London. Furthermore Haaglanden Medical Center, hospitals in London and Vienna and the Foundation Mimic Muziek are also involved.

More information can be found here.

You can find the brochure of the last project of MiMiC here. The new PRO MiMiC project has shifted it's focus from patient and impact evaluations to professionalization of musicians and nursing.