Instagram take-over The Case

19 February 2018

Huub de Jong andSander van Dorst, second-year students Music Education, will take our Instagram followers backstage this week in their preparations for The Case.

The Case is the annual musical theater show for the Bachelor Music Education, written, organised, and performed by the students themselves. The premiere takes place on 22nd February in the Kees van Baren-zaal It will be a smashing show!

Students Huub de Jong and Sander den Dorst will partake in yet another special project. The Royal Conservatoire's first Instagram take-over! From 19th until 22nd February, they will take over the conservatoire's Instagram account.

They will shsow what preparations a show like this needs: from technique, through lights and costumes and the different instruments. We will follow them during their last rehearsal days into the premiere.

Interested? Follow the Royal Conservatoire on Instagram and do come and watch The Case

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