Susanne Abbuehl new Head of Jazz Department

As from upcoming academic year a new head of the Jazz department will take office. After a long period in which Wouter Turkenburg has led this department and the period of the past two years in which Yvonne Smeets has acted as head ad interim, Jazz singer, composer, educator, policy maker and researcher Susanne Abbuehl has been appointed as the new head of this reputable department.

In 1998 Susanne herself graduated cum laude from the very department she will now be leading. Her studies were succeeded by a glorious international career as a singer. Apart from performances in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA she has numerous cd recordings to her name. From 2001 these have been released by the iconic ECM label. Already during her studies she was an active teacher, a practice she has further developed at the Swiss Conservatoires of Luzern, Lausanne and Basel. During the past year she was the leader of the Jazz department of the Luzern Conservatoire. Next to her performances, cd productions and educational practice she published numerous articles and research papers. She has also been active as a policy maker within the AEC, Teachers Associations and the Swiss Authors Right Society SUISA.

Principal Henk van der Meulen: ‘We are very happy with the arrival of Susanne Abbuehl, who, with her vast experience as a musician, in education, research and management, infused with her inspiring personality, will create a powerful new impulse to our beloved Jazz department.’

Susanne Abbuehl: ‘I see it as a privilege to dedicate my talent, experience and energy to the future ofthe Jazz department of which I am a proud alumna. Over the past few years I have been able to follow the positive developments at the Royal Conservatoire at some distance and would love to contribute to the innovations and improvements that are going on there. I am looking forward to collaborate with the colleagues within the department, as well as the collaboration with the other departments, all in view of the interest of the students, the music makers of today and tomorrow.’

photograph by Mario del Curto, 2016