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December 20th 2017

The ArtScience Interfaculty has began a new cooperation with Festival Sonic Acts. This cooperation is titled ‘Sensing the Shipyard: A Sensorial Journey’. This festival has a focus on contemporary and historical developments at the intersections of art, technology, music and science.
At the Damen Shiprepair in Amsterdam a group of ten art students are running a research programme based on questions like: how do we relate our human presence to enormous living machines? Artist and teacher at ArtScience, Cocky Eek, architect and creative researcher Renske Maria van Dam and sound artist BJ Nilsen are guiding the students in their research. The students are mapping the shipyard on a sensorial level, recording things like sounds, textures and smells. Based on this they recompose these location-specific stimuli into an artistic experience for the audience to explore during Sonic Act 2018.

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