Rosalie and Sàmanja about the End-of-year performances Dance

4 July 2022

On July 8, 9 and 10 the End-of-year performances of Royal Conservatoire Dance take place, this year for the first time in Amare's new Danstheater. Pupils, students and ensemble members present a rich programme with classical ballet, modern dance, flamenco, caractère and (new) repertoire by international choreographers. We had a conversation with two students: Rosalie from group 8 of primary school, who is dancing her first End-of-year performances this year, and Sàmanja, a Bachelor student who participates for the last time this year.

This is Rosalie's first year at the conservatoire, and therefore these will also be her first End-of-year performances. 'I am even dancing on my way to school because I just love it so much here. I soon felt completely at home here. I am a bit nervous for the End-of-year performances, because a lot of people come to watch, but I'm going to have a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun to do, and I think it's super cool that I'm in a school where I can dance so much.'

'We have been practicing in class for a few months now, for our ballet and world dance pieces. A week in advance we will also rehearse on stage. The stage is very big, so that's why we made the same lines in the studio as on stage, so that we can already practice what our positions are on stage. Now, in the last two weeks until the performance, we don't have school lessons anymore, and we have dance rehearsals all day long instead, including weekends. You go to this school because you want to dance a lot, so I just really enjoy rehearsing so much. It's just great to do.'

Koninklijk Conservatorium Dans © Alex Schröder
Rosalie (middle row, 2nd from the right) together with her class

Sàmanja started in the first year of secondary school at the Royal Conservatoire, this is her seventh and final year as a student. Next year she will do an internship at the Junior Company of ICK in Amsterdam. She tells about the End-of-year performances: 'Every year I really enjoy seeing which pieces are chosen for the performance and how the performance develops over the years. This year I dance in Les Sylphides, Handman by Edward Clug and an improvisation piece by Michael Schumacher. There is also a big defilé at the end. I like all the pieces a lot, but most of all I see myself as a modern dancer. That's why I'm really looking forward to Handman. We also danced that piece with the Young Talent Project at the beginning of the year, so everyone was very excited to be able to dance it again.'

'The atmosphere between the dancers is very nice. And certainly during performances you feel very well that we are a close group together. Even though there is quite a bit of stress around performances; everyone enjoys it more than it causes stress. The Bachelor studens dance a lot during the End-of-year performances, and you often switch back and forth between classical and modern dance. It is important to change your mindset, and it is also a physical switch. A lot happens backstage during the performance. When you're not busy yourself, you're always helping someone else get ready. The show always flies by. You are so busy that those 2 hours feel like 5 minutes.'

‘It is a great honor for me to dance in the Danstheater, the stage of Nederlands Dans Theater and a lot of other major companies. It is a very special opportunity for everyone in the school. And especially after corona it is special to be able to do the End-of-year performances in a big way for the first time again, and on this stage.'

To Rosalie and the other younger students, Sàmanja would like to say: 'Go and enjoy it. I have always liked the performances the most, and that will always stay that way, no matter how experienced you get. You always feel your best on stage, that's your reward for working so hard. It will always be special.'