Sonology Final Presentations in June

11 June 2023

The Institute of Sonology kindly invites you to a series of final presentations by our graduating bachelor’s and master’s students. Admission is free for all concerts and events.

Concert 1
Thursday 15 June, 19:30, New Music Lab and Conservatoriumzaal
Ida Hiršenfelder, Kaðlín Ólafsdóttir, Jóhannes Stefánsson, Andrejs Poikāns. This concert starts in the New Music Lab on the sixth floor of Amare at 19:30 (80 persons max.) and then continues at 20:00 in the Conservatoriumzaal
Admission is free, no reservation required

Concert 2
Friday 16 June, 19:30, Conservatoriumzaal

Ran Perry, Farzaneh Nouri, Tristan Better, Lars Floris
Admission is free, no reservation required

Concert 3
Saturday 17 June, 19:30, Conservatoriumzaal

Riccardo Ancona, Francesco Corvi, František Hruška, Luca Faraldi
Admission is free, no reservation required

Concert 4
Sunday 18 June, 14:00, New Music Lab
(sixth floor of Amare, 80 persons max.)
Siavash Jafari, Ghaith Qoutainy
Admission is free, no reservation required

Concert 5
Sunday 18 June, 16:00, The Grey Space in the Middle
(Paviljoensgracht 20-24, 2512 BP Den Haag)

Motus Sonus is an interdisciplinary experimental project focused on movement and sound, curated by dancer and choreographer Alesya Dobysh, and composer Max Frimout. The curators’ collaborative practice evolves through their investigation of the musicality of movement and the physicality of sound, as they delve into the interplay between dance, music, and space. Following their recent exhibition in Seoul, they collaborate with artists specializing in performance art, sound art, martial arts, street dancing, and club dancing. Together, they aim to explore the intricate relationship between sonic and somatic experiences.

Contact for a code to reserve your free ticket. More information and tickets

Anna Khvyl’s audiowalk Kyiv — Den Haag — Kyiv — Den Haag: A Listening March can be made in Scheveningen from 14– 25 June. More information is available through this link.

A sound installation by David Petráš in the Soundproof Studio (sixth floor of Amare, 2 persons at a time) can be visited on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 June from 14:00–22:00.

Be there and be on time (or even better, 15 minutes early!). Doors stay closed during the concerts.

Find more information about our Institute of Sonology here.