'For me, music is a type of language or expression that other mediums don’t have. It can be a way of expressing something that is so abstract or so out of this world that it can’t be expressed in any other way.' Sóley is a student in the Composition department. She is also doing projects on Sonology and ArtScience.

What is interesting to Sóley is how mixing different mediums or technology can bring the process of expression even further. That is one of reasons why she takes classes in different departments. 'I enjoy how open and flexible it is here. You’re not stuck in one department, but are really able to check out what other people are doing and take classes in other departments.' Sóley decided to go to the Royal Conservatoire for a number of reasons. 'One is that I find the scene here very interesting. There are people from all over the world and they bring together a very interesting mix of disciplines and approaches.'

Sóley works as a composer, an instrument developer and a performer. 'As a composer, I find it very important to try out and experiment with things while you are working on them. I really enjoy making objects and instruments that create new sounds or new ways of expressing music.'

Photographer: Marijn Smulders (alumnus KABK)

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