‘I am learning how to do the things I do with more freedom.’ Vojtěch is in the final year of his Master’s course in the Vocal Studies and Composition departments.

Vojtěch initially enrolled as a student in the Composition department, but also took numerous classes in the Vocal Studies department. ‘I never had this flexibility until I came to The Hague.’ He is delighted with this tailored programme and that he can design his own study programme. The most exciting aspect for Vojtěch is the collaboration between the departments. ‘I am currently working as a singer with students from the Composition department, who compose solo pieces that I later perform.’

Studying abroad is something that everyone should do, says Vojtěch. ‘It is a great experience and you meet so many people.’ Vojtěch chose The Hague because he wants to concentrate on contemporary music as a composer and vocalist. ‘The Hague is the place to be for me, because of the acceptance and support of contemporary music.’ Another important factor was the possibility of taking lessons with Noa Frenkel, a specialist in contemporary music. ‘The Vocal Studies department in The Hague is truly unique. The entire atmosphere is extremely pleasant.’

Photographer: Marijn Smulders (alumnus KABK). This picture is taken at the construction site of Amare. In the summer of 2021, the Royal Conservatoire will move to this new building, together with the Residentie Orkest, Nederlands Dans Theater and Zuiderstrandtheater.

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