‘Later, I want to play in an ensemble and give lots of concerts.’ Zohra is studying violin in the Young KC department and is in the 3rd class of the School for Young Talent.

Students in the Royal Conservatoire’s School for Young Talent can combine the regular school curriculum with music classes. ‘I have a special timetable in the school, which is fantastic because it gives me more time to study music.’ The young musicians at the Royal Conservatoire play a lot together. Zohra plays first violin in the Atheneum Chamber Orchestra, which is made up of all the string players in the School for Young Talent. ‘We recently went on a tour in Switzerland.’

Zohra learned about the Royal Conservatoire at an Open Day. She then attended a try-out lesson with Kerstin Hoelen, who still teaches her. ‘I enjoyed it so much that I later did an audition and was accepted. The Conservatoire is now my second home.’

Photographer: Marijn Smulders (alumnus KABK)

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