The Career Development Office

The Career Development Office (CDO) is a resource within the Royal Conservatoire for students participating in concerts and other extra-curricular activities, and is also the administration centre that coordinates academic recognition for this work. CDO is a course requirement for most Bachelor and all Master level students, and is also an excellent opportunity for students to earn credits for activities they are already doing in their field of work as musicians. These external activities can include participating in festivals, masterclasses or ensemble projects, performing as freelancers in orchestras or professional choirs, forming an ensemble and organising concerts and concert series, crowdfunding a specific project, recording a CD, making a website or running a YouTube or Instagram channel - all of that experience and preparedness connected with the profession that equips you for maximum employability.

The CDO also handles various assignments received from outside the institute and can help students to find jobs or venues for concerts outside the Royal Conservatoire. The Career Development Office is available to assist with all kinds of practical questions. If students want to have a CV checked or need help with a job application, if they are confused by the Dutch tax system, want to start up as an official business or need advice on any number of practical questions then we do all we can to help.

Current students at the Royal Conservatoire can find further information and a wealth of resources provided by the CDO online. Please log into your intranet account and click here.

Midzomernacht – Cemetery Rhijnhof 2019