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The Bachelor in Wind Band Conducting programme trains you as a qualified conductor of good amateur orchestras. Conducting is a complex discipline that demands a good artistic development since you will sometimes be conducting large groups of musicians. The technical, musical, but also social skills required of prospective conductors are high. Without a good relationship with the orchestra, a conductor is shooting in the dark.

During the course you will develop your musical communication skills, knowledge of repertoire, baton technique, ear training and arrangement. You will study some additional subjects in depth, including instrumentation, orchestration and solfège specifically for conductors. You will also have lessons in a particular orchestral instrument. You will learn about repertoire and programming, so that you are able to compile your own musical programme.

For the final exam in the Bachelor programme you will personally conduct a concert to demonstrate your ability to get an orchestra to perform your vision of a score in an artistically convincing manner. You will be evaluated on personal expressiveness and awareness of style. In short, you will show yourself to be an effective musical communicator who is capable of conveying to the orchestra what you wish to say with the music in a professional manner.






4 years


Bachelor of Music

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Wim Vos

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