To avoid international travels and physical meetings all entrance exams in 2021 will take place online. For more information on the application process and the entrance exams for the Jazz Department, please click here.

The entrance exam consists of a practical and a theoretical part. You will have to be successful in both parts in order to secure a place.

Practical section entrance exam
You should be able to show an affinity with jazz and have a certain amount of historical awareness. After the practical exam there will be an interview in which your musical background and motivation, as filled in on the application form, will be discussed. Additional questions may be asked, about your attitude towards studying, your experience as a player, your musical interests and future perspectives. Much use will be made of the piano during the course, both in the theoretical as well as the practical lessons. Basic knowledge and abilities at the piano are expected of you.

  • Repertoire: 3 differing pieces from the jazz repertoire, both melody and chords
  • Technical abilities: all 7 modal scales over 1 octave
  • Harmonic abilities: knowledge of jazz chords
  • Rhythmic abilities: solid time feeling in comping
  • Sight reading: basic melodic and harmonic reading abilities
  • Hearing: repeating phrases by ear, playing over chords
  • General: affinity with jazz, sound instrumental technique, abilities in improvisation, musicality, good sense of timing

Theory section entrance exam
The theory section consists of:

  • a written hearing test
  • a written test in general music theory
  • an individual practical solfège test

Click here for theory exam examples