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Music is one of the richest and most intense of art forms. The importance of music in our lives, and hence the role of the music teacher, cannot be overestimated. A music teacher is curious and inquisitive, is open and is willing to critically assess his or her own attitude, knowledge, taste and abilities. You can take control, but also know when to let go; you are flexible and know that the musical community is constantly changing. As a music teacher, you will naturally also make music yourself. Your love of the profession, of musical instruments and the human voice, provides inspiration for your students.

It takes a lot to train good music teachers. It is not for us to judge our programme, but what we can say is that we are proud of our teaching staff. Every one of our music teachers aspires to set the right example in terms of respect, cooperation, inspiration, curiosity, challenge and entrepreneurship. Together we make the Royal Conservatoire a place where appreciation is shown for dedication, flexibility and critical self-reflection. And where personal responsibility is taken for granted and you are able to take charge of your own studies and development.

The Music Teaching programme is one of the most broadly designed courses offered by the Royal Conservatoire. It is ideal for anyone who enjoys teaching and whose passion is music. The course is taught entirely in Dutch. During the Bachelor’s course, you will spend four years intensively studying your own instrument or singing and mastering the craft of arranging for ensembles, composing for special events, conducting a school choir and coaching a band. You will be taught by leading musicians and educational professionals. Every year you and your fellow students will organise a cultural trip. You will also take part in a major musical-theatre production organised annually under the guidance of a leading Dutch director. In the fourth year of the course, you will design most of the curriculum yourself.

The Bachelor concludes with an exam, which includes a recital and a public presentation. Throughout the four years of this intensive course you will experience the vibe of studying at a top institute and taking part in hundreds of concerts, performances, workshops and master classes. Graduates of the Bachelor’s programme can proceed to take a Master’s specialisation in Music Teaching.

If you find working with people inspiring and teamwork to be important and would like to pass on your passion for music, Music Teaching is the course for you.

If you would like to spend a day at the Conservatoire to assess whether the Music Teaching course is right for you, send an e-mail to Martijn Mansvelder, who will be able to arrange for you to spend a Monday with a current first-year who can show you around and help you discover what the programme has in store for you.


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