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If you have a Bachelor’s degree from a conservatory and a job in education appeals to you and you have an aptitude for it, the accelerated course in Music Teaching at the Royal Conservatoire is right for you.

During this course you will learn how to apply your musical abilities to teaching music to groups of children. This means that in addition to subjects relating to didactics (the art of teaching), methodology (designing lessons and curricula) and pedagogics (the make-up of a child), you will also broaden your musical education in areas such as leadership and communication. The focus of the course is the question of how you can use your own musicianship to provide inspiring teaching for groups of young people. 

The accelerated course takes two years. Candidate students first have an intake interview at which we will inquire about your basic skills and your motivation. The course is intensive and demands that you work efficiently. During the interview we will also explore whether you can be granted exemptions for some subjects, for instance because of qualifications you acquired during previous courses. The admissions procedure takes place in April or May, when the emphasis is on your voice and other musical abilities and how well you can convey your musical narrative to others.

The lessons are generally on Monday afternoon, Monday evening and part of Tuesday afternoon and evening. You will have to attend several weekend seminars every year. On some other days you will be doing an internship and working on assignments and research. In this way you will complete the entire course in Music Teaching in a shorter space of time. The course ends with the regular exam. If you pass that exam you will be a qualified grade-one music teacher.






2 years


Bachelor Music Teaching

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