The European Chamber Music Master - ECMAster is a unique two year joint European programme at master level for pre-existing chamber music ensembles. It is operated by seven leading higher music education institutions all over Europe in close collaboration with ECMA (European Chamber Music Academy), an association of European music universities, conservatoires and festivals with a focus on chamber music.

By tailor-made curricula the ECMAster gives your ensemble the opportunity to address specific artistic, technical, reflective and social skills, with the aim to develop into a strong, independent and innovative ensemble that can meet the high professional demands in tomorrow’s music scene. Once admitted, your chamber music ensemble will benefit of the expertise, culture and tradition of three music institutions in three different European countries.

During the two years of advanced study, your ensemble will be doing two exchange semesters at two different host institutions with the support of Erasmus+ mobility funds. In addition, your ensemble will also participate in at least six ECMA sessions and, through this, get access to an European network in the profession of chamber music. The exchange semesters at partner institutions and intensive programmes are both obligatory in this master programme.

The following institutions participate in the ECMAster:

Your ensemble will spend semesters 1 and 4 at their home institution and semesters 2 and 3 at two different host institutions according to the following schedule:

  • Semester 1: Home institution
  • Semester 2: Potential host institutions: Fiesole, Manchester, Oslo or Vienna
  • Semester 3: Potential host institutions: Paris or Vilnius
  • Semester 4: Home institution

The programme is open to established ensembles with a standard instrument combination: string quartets, piano trios, string trios, piano quartets, wind quintets, brass quintets and saxophone quartets. Other ensembles (minimum of three and a maximum of five musicians) with an established original repertoire of sufficient scope can also participate by agreement of the home institution and both host institutions.

The deadline for applying is before March 1st.





2 years


Master of Music

Tuition fee

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Department head

Eleonoor Tchernoff

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