Students who complete the Master’s course in Wind Band Conducting earn the title Master of Music. Many graduates of the Master’s programme at the Royal Conservatoire occupy a prominent role in the music profession in the Netherlands and abroad. During the two years of the Master’s course you will develop your skills to the highest level. The Master’s programme is open to students who have obtained their Bachelor’s degree with a grade good or very good.

During the Master’s course your will regularly take part in masterclasses and internships with professional orchestras and semi professional wind bands in the Netherlands and abroad. Next to this the Royal Conservatoire works often together with professional military orchestras.

The Conducting Department plays an important role in the national and international music scene. Students develop a broad artistic vision, inspire each other and try together with the teachers to draw the best out of each other. Alumni of the Royal Conservatoire regularly reach the top of the national and international wind band scene.

Master Project
In the Master of Music programme, you have the unique opportunity to create a Master Project with your own future in mind. A Master Project is an overarching term which combines the three domains of our master curriculum: artistic development, research and professional integration. As part of the curriculum, you will receive individual and group lessons in your main subject to aid you in your artistic development, you will conduct research on a topic of your own choice, and you will design and initiate your own professional integration activity. These elements and activities all come together in the Master Project. To help you develop your Master Project successfully, you will receive guidance and support from your instrumental/vocal teacher, research supervisor and professional integration coach. Additionally, you will take part in a peer group, in which you can discuss what you are working on. Designing your own Master Project gives you an opportunity to consider your future career and experiment with developing your own professional practice during your studies. When creating your Master Project, you should take into consideration whether it will help you find your place in the professional practice after you have finished your studies. We encourage you to collaborate, and therefore it is possible to do a Master Project together with other students. If you would like to find out more information, have a look at the Master Project Plan Guidelines at the end of this page.

Educational Philosophy
The educational philosophy of the Master of Music at the Royal Conservatoire enables you to develop your individual artistic vision, personal growth, inquisitive attitude, entrepreneurship and independence, while broadening your cultural horizon, as well as developing your instrumental and technical skills at a high qualitative level. We want our alumni to be excellent performers and composers, but also professionals who can reflect on their role in society, and know how to collaborate and navigate the complex realities of today’s and tomorrow’s music profession.





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Master of Music

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