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Are you a musician who likes education? Do you want to become an expert in vocal or instrumental education?

In that case, the Master of Instrumental and Vocal Learning & Teaching might be something for you. This master is a deepening of theory and practice of instrumental/vocal teaching and learning, and is open for students with a bachelor degree in music or music education at a conservatoire or an equal degree in higher music education.

This master study is a discipline within the Master of Music because we assume that good instrumental of vocal teachers need to be good musicians.

During this master programme you will continue to grow in your musical and artistic expertise and you will develop skills in the field of teaching and learning music. As a musician you will develop your musical and artistic expertise connected to methodology and didactics of the instrument or voice, more general musical skills such as improvisation, theories on teaching and learning music and the practical application in a teaching practice. At the centre of your studies you will carry out your own practice-oriented research project.

The Master of Instrumental and Vocal Learning & Teaching demands the same enthusiasm and open and critical attitude from you as every other course at the Conservatoire. During the course you will develop your musical expertise more in the context of teaching skills (the methodology and didactics of instruments and vocals, general teaching skills and musical learning processes). You will also learn how to apply skills of reflection and research in everyday teaching practice.

As a Master of Instrumental and Vocal Learning & Teaching you will be an expert in the teaching of music.

To broaden international perspectives, the programme provides possibilities for studying for one semester at another institute in the frame of an Erasmus exchange. There is a collaboration with e.g. the Master Program for Instrumental & Vocal Education of the University for Music and Performing Arts, Graz Austria).


Liesbeth Steffens
Viola Education

Rolf Delfos
Composition and improvisation

Wieke Karsten

Methodics and didactics, flute education

Susan Williams
Teaching Practising

Renee Jonker
Leading & Guiding

Liesbeth Ackermans
Violin Education

Bastiaan van der Waals
Processes of Musical Learning, Piano Education

Luc Nijs
New Media

Mathias Moors
Music Psychology, Research methodologies

Cristiano Viviani
Cultural Philosophy, Leading & Guiding, Composition & Improvisation

Adri de Vugt
Music Pedagogy, Research Methodologies, Coordinator study program





2 years


Master of Music

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Head of Department

Margi Kirschenmann

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