To apply for the Master in Music Education you need to have successfully completed a Bachelor course in Music or Music Teaching. Before you can be accepted an entrance exam will have to take place, which consists of three parts:

  • the evaluation of instrumental/vocal abilities,
  • the evaluation of pedagogical and/or methodological-didactic insights and experience, and
  • the evaluation of the study plan

For the first part you will present diverse repertoire as possible, from which the committee will make a selection during the entrance exam. This test of instrumental/vocal abilities takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

For the second part you will be tested to which extent you can express a personal (music) pedagogical and didactic vision, and relate this to your daily practice as a music pedagogue. It is also expected that you have a well formulated vision regarding music education in the context of current cultural and social developments.

Master Study Plan
Before you start the master you must hand in a Master Study Plan. This plan needs to contain the following: your motivation for following the Master study, the specific principal study you wish to follow and the goals you wish to accomplish, the research programme and its relationship to the principal subject and any other personal wishes for the study. You can find the Master Study Plan Guidelines in the download section at the end of the page.