You can only audition for the Ensemble Academy after a successful admission to the regular Master’s programme at the Royal Conservatoire. After the official admission, further information about the various Master’s specialisations (including the Ensemble Academy) and the audition process will be shared via email by the Coordinator of the Classical Department.

Material to submit:

1. A short video introduction of yourself, consisting of an explanation of why you would like to join the Ensemble Academy:

  • what are your artistic plans for the coming years?
  • what is your affinity with contemporary music?
  • how does the Ensemble Academy connect to your Master Project Plan?

2. A recording of (a movement of) a piece written after 1950. The recording should be approximately 5 to 15 minutes long, and it would highlight your (contemporary) playing and performance skills. You may record a piece without piano accompaniment.

Deadlines: the deadline for submitting the video introduction and recording is June 1st.

You will be informed of the outcome of the audition by July 1st, with an email from the Coordinator of the Ensemble Academy.