After you are admitted to the Master’s programme, you will be asked to submit:

  • a motivation letter (350-450 words) that explains the following:
    - your motivation for applying
    - how the specialisation is integrated into your Master Project Plan
  • Recordings
    • 1+1 Philip Glass (complete)
    • Corporel – Vinko Globokar (first page untill action 4. Please keep your shirt on)
    • Improvise your own variation on Corporel / max 30 seconds
    • multi percussion piece free of choice.

Besides performing excerpts, the audition may also include working with SDH-percussionists and discussing your motivation, and working with a stage-director on some theatrical aspects of your performance. This may be live or through Zoom.

"Slagwerk Den Haag is fascinated by everything concerned with sound, pulse and materials that produce sound. Since 1977 SDH has developed leading percussion projects that have been successfully executed on stages in the Netherlands and abroad. Projects range from concert programmes with newly commissioned compositions and core percussion repertoire to educational activities and multidisciplinary performances."

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