‘We aim to amaze and enrich’

HIIIt (former Slagwerk Den Haag) is an ensemble with a fascination for everything to do with sound, pulse and materials that produce sound. The ensemble pushes the boundaries of contemporary percussion music in performing existing repertoire and creating innovative new works and by conducting ground-breaking research into ordered sound and instrumentation.

The Ensemble Percussion course is a specialisation in the Master of Percussion programme at the Royal Conservatoire and is offered in association with the successful formation HIIIT. Students wishing to join this exciting course have to do a separate audition.

During the course you will gain a lot of experience in performing on stage in concerts and shows but will also, depending on the projects available at any given time, be able to enhance your professional skills in an educational and multidisciplinary context that emphasises communication, creativity and flexibility. The tuition fees of students who are admitted to the course are paid by HIIIT.





75 min/ week


1 year


Master of Music

Tuition fee

Department head

Eleonoor Tchernoff

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