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The Master’s specialisation in Music Education is a course designed to enable students with a Bachelor’s degree in Music or Music Education or an equivalent course at the Conservatoire to deepen their practical and theoretical knowledge. During the course you will develop your artistic talent and pedagogic and didactic skills in relation to music. But the course goes further and you will also learn how to manage musical projects, perform coordinating roles in large musical productions or produce high-quality teaching materials. In the Master’s degree, we focus on instrumental or vocal music performance. In addition, you choose a Master specialisation within the Master of Music. You graduate as musician with this specialisation in order to contribute positively to good instrumental and vocal education.

There are many facets to the profession of music teacher. There is no ideal method of teaching and the musical development of the individual student is certainly not confined to time spent in the classroom. Music can be taught in many ways and in a variety of environments, from music schools, leading institutions and primary and secondary schools to private lessons. Each form contributes to the musical development of people with varying cultural and personal backgrounds. Good music teachers are specialists with the ability to tailor their teaching to the needs of the specific group of students.

The Master in Music Education demands the same enthusiasm and open and critical attitude from you as every other course at the Conservatoire. During the course you will develop your musical expertise more in the context of teaching skills (the methods and didactics of instruments and vocals, general teaching skills and musical learning processes). You will also learn how to apply skills of reflection and research in everyday teaching practice.

As a Master of Music Education you will be an expert in the teaching of music.






2 years


Master of Music

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