Dance students (age 18–21 years) with a Bachelor of Dance degree from the Royal Conservatoire or an equivalent education in dance, are offered the possibility for further development of their professional and artistic skills in this programme.

Gaining experience by performing classical and modern repertoire and working with different choreo-graphers is the main focus of this programme. The student is part of the Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble and will perform in various presentations and performances of Royal Conservatoire Dance.

Learning fragments from ballets of the classical and neoclassical repertoire, in combination with ballets from leading representers of the national and inter-national dance field, challenges the student to develop as an all-round professional dancer.

The programme leads to the Artist Certificate Dance.

In order to further develop artistic and professional skills and gain stage experience, we offer dancers who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent the opportunity to take part in a one-year follow-on programme, the Artist Certificate Dance programme. Bachelor Dance students and Artist Certificate Dance participants take part in classes, presentations, projects and performances together. For external performances they form the Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble. The Dance Ensemble provides presentations and performances in line with the profile of the programme.

The admission requirements for the Artist Certificate Dance / Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble are:

• A high level of artistic and technical skill (this will be assessed at an audition).

• Students are asked to write a motivation letter, which will be discussed at an interview after the audition.

• Students must be sufficiently proficient in English to benefit fully from the programme and the interaction with other students.

Admission to the Artist Certificate Dance / Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble Students from outside the Royal Conservatoire wishing to join the Artist Certificate Dance / Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble must first pass an audition. The admission criteria are the same as for the Bachelor of Dance programme.





Artist Certificate Dance

Tuition fee


1 year


Jan Linkens

Royal Conservatoire Dance

Royal Conservatoire Dance trains the dancers of the future as independent artists who combine an open, creative mind with professional skills, passion and ambition.

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