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If you have a Bachelor of Dance degree from the Royal Conservatoire or an equivalent institute and a real desire to further develop your professional and artistic skills, you can enrol for our one-year dance programme leading to the award of an ‘Artist's Certificate Dance’.

The course is open to dancers with exceptional talent and motivation and is designed to further expand the knowledge and skills they acquired during the Bachelor of Dance programme. On admission to the course you will receive training at the highest level and will be required to display the results at a number of performances during the year and a final performance at the end of the year.  

The admission requirements of the course are: you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Dance; you must display a high standard of artistic and technical ability during an audition; you will be asked to write a brief letter of motivation and will be questioned about it in an interview after your audition. Finally, you must have a good command of English in order to follow the lessons and to be able to interact with your fellow students. The Artist's Certificate Dance is a title of distinction that demonstrates that you are starting out on a professional career with above-average artistic and technical ability.






1 year


Artist's Certificate Dance

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